Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another "Llama in church" story, and a song.

So I keep trying to take Llama to church. Mostly because I like church, it used to help me find peace and meaning in my life. Taking Llama mostly helps me find anger and embarrassment, but I keep trying.

Today, Father B was praying over the Eucharist, and Llama apparently thought it should be her turn to speak. "Make him stop talking now, okay?"

At least my mother-in-law says that Llama isn't as difficult in church as her father was. Llama looked cute, anyway. And on the way there, she was joyful about getting to go to church. She seems to like it, even if she doesn't quite get the whole "sitting quietly" concept.

Now for the song. Llama was singing to me this morning because she was awake and I was mostly not awake, but we were snuggled in bed together since we're on our own right now. (Bucket's away for work.) "Rock a bye baby, little baby, little baby. You are so cute. I will rock you and rock you and rock you... all fall DOWN!"

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tidbits from Llama

Llama is all about writing her name lately. She can't write it herself, she wants me to do it.

Llama: Write my name. (Hands me paper and a crayon.)
Me: (Carefully block printing each letter and saying them each out loud.)
Llama: Where is the Q?
Me: There is no Q in Llama.
Llama: Put a Q in it.
Me: Only bad parents put Qs where they don't belong.

Llama: (Walking down the front stairs in the morning) I'm Biggie Talls!
Me: Do you even know who Biggie Smalls was?
Llama: It's me!

(Singing in the back seat) "Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle star. Star star star star star. Up sky, up sky, up sky. Twinkle, twinkle, twinkle staaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!"

Edited because I almost forgot this one:

Bucket fixed one of the cars today and took it for a drive. Llama asked me 58 times where he went, and the first 57 times I answered her, I said, "He took the blue car for a ride to see if it's working." On number 58, I said, "He went to join the circus, he'll be back in a little bit." Upon his return, she said, "Hey, Dad! How was the circus?" He was mystified. I was more than a little amused.