Sunday, January 31, 2010

The fun just never stops.

Bucket finally came home on Wednesday. I deliberately did not make it clear to Llama that he would be picking her up, because I didn't want her to be crying for him all day. (And superstitiously, I didn't want to be a jinx and make something happen.)

From what he said, she was so excited when he arrived that she could not stop running in circles and squealing. I don't have the right words, but I got a little teary when he told me that. She missed him so much and is so happy that he's home.

That said, though, a sick girl wants her mama. And on Friday afternoon of my much-anticipated weekend of having a second parent with whom to share all the fun and work, daycare called me and said, "Heather, can you come get Llama? She just threw up. A lot." In the 10 minutes between when they called me and when I arrived (it is only a few buildings away), she had thrown up again. And we made it almost all the way home before she threw up in her carseat. The vomit comet kept rocketing around until late yesterday morning, when my poor Llama passed out on top of me in what was (for me) a very uncomfortable position. But I was afraid to move because I didn't want to wake her or make her puke on me again, so I just laid in this contorted, hunched position for two hours in the corner of the couch.

Until Bucket walked in the door (very quietly) and Llama's Daddy radar went off and she popped up. I was both grateful and irritated. Grateful because God, thank you that I can move now. And irritated because she was finally effing sleeping and then she was not.

But we went to Target to drop $200 on random household items and diapers and all was well.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Whoa, two posts in two days? This hasn't happened in MONTHS!

I was looking at my friend's photoblog and thinking that I should do the same thing. Daily photos. As long as I don't lose the USB cord (ha!), I might be better able to keep up with it. Here's the catch, though. My schedule right now is as follows:
  • Monday: Field Experience 8:45a-3:40p, Class 4:00p-6:45p
  • Tuesday: Work 8:00a-12:00p, Meeting 12:30p-1:30p, Class 7:00p-9:45p
  • Wednesday: Field Experience 8:45a-3:40p, Class 4:00p-6:45p
  • Thursday: Work 8:00a-4:00p
  • Friday: Work 8:00a-4:00p
  • Saturday: Housework, homework, shopping (for food and other necessities, of course)
  • Sunday: Church and family dinner

So the photos would be of various things I see as the day goes by. And my camera is not that good. But I do carry it all the time and take photos of lots of random crap. I mean stuff.

I'm thinking of starting it on Llama's birthday, which is April 17. Leave me a comment indicating if you think I'd neglect a photoblog as sadly as I neglect this blog, or if you think it's a good idea.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some photos and some quotes from Llama.

Disney World was super fun. There were moments where it was super cold. Llama fell on her face so many times because she just could not contain her excitement. Please note the scraped nose. But also the excitement.

The Army Guy thought he was going to have jambalaya for dinner. He was wrong. He got The Wang Platter.

And not Disney, but a rare family shot. Bonus that we're all facing the same direction and appear to be happy! (We were, in fact, happy.)

Now, the quotes.
  • Upon entering the water floor at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum: "Swim! Swim!" (While taking off her shoes.)
  • While driving home from the museum: "Daddy has a hamma." He does have a hammer, that is true. I'm just not sure why it was relevant.
  • In the grocery store: "Monkey! Monkey! Mama, ho ho ho all gone." Good call, kiddo. Christmas has been over for a while. That's why I'm not sure why they still have a Santa Claus overlooking the produce department.
  • In church, to a lady who had crutches and a leg brace: "You get up! Stand up!" Llama is the church enforcer.
  • Same Sunday, also in church, to the Priest: "Snacky time!" He didn't appreciate it the way I did.
  • And finally, tonight, when I asked her if she could say "armadillo": "Arm-a-dildo!"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Well, welcome back. To myself.

Long story, no excuses. I haven't been here because life got out of hand. Since I last wrote:
  • I went to the funeral of the kid I wrote about last.
  • I turned 28.
  • I finished my semester with a 4.0.
  • Bucket's grandma died.
  • Christmas happened. Santa was good to us.
  • New Year's happened. Aunt Dots slept over with Llama and Bucket and I went out as a couple for the first time in forevah.
  • We went to Disney World with The Army Guy, Frenchy, and Z-man.
  • I went to my oldest friend's baby shower. And by oldest, I don't mean she's the oldest person I know. I mean I've been friends with her since we were 15.

Obviously I have a lot of photos and a lot of stories and a lot of things to talk about. I'm only going to tell the happy or funny ones here.

I start back to school in two short days, and I go back to work this afternoon. Somehow having things to do makes me more motivated than NOT having scheduled things to do.

Pictures coming either later today or tomorrow. Some of them. There are so many that I can't do it all at once!