Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some photos and some quotes from Llama.

Disney World was super fun. There were moments where it was super cold. Llama fell on her face so many times because she just could not contain her excitement. Please note the scraped nose. But also the excitement.

The Army Guy thought he was going to have jambalaya for dinner. He was wrong. He got The Wang Platter.

And not Disney, but a rare family shot. Bonus that we're all facing the same direction and appear to be happy! (We were, in fact, happy.)

Now, the quotes.
  • Upon entering the water floor at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum: "Swim! Swim!" (While taking off her shoes.)
  • While driving home from the museum: "Daddy has a hamma." He does have a hammer, that is true. I'm just not sure why it was relevant.
  • In the grocery store: "Monkey! Monkey! Mama, ho ho ho all gone." Good call, kiddo. Christmas has been over for a while. That's why I'm not sure why they still have a Santa Claus overlooking the produce department.
  • In church, to a lady who had crutches and a leg brace: "You get up! Stand up!" Llama is the church enforcer.
  • Same Sunday, also in church, to the Priest: "Snacky time!" He didn't appreciate it the way I did.
  • And finally, tonight, when I asked her if she could say "armadillo": "Arm-a-dildo!"

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