Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Zoo Adventure (Go Pens!)

Frenchy and I decided we would take Llama and Z-man to the Pittsburgh Zoo on Saturday. A good time was had by all.

At the gate, we tried to get a picture of them together in the wagon. (Please note that looking at Z-man is like looking at my brother The Army Guy 20 years ago. It's like a time machine for me.)

Both of them were cooperative with staying in the wagon, but not so cooperative for photos.

Z-man was really helpful with putting sunglasses on Llama all the time. He was kind of upset that she wouldn't wear them continuously.

Llama was anxious to show off her walking skills.

But her favorite, favorite, favorite part was the penguins. Since there was a Pens game Saturday night, we stopped to see the penguins for luck. (It didn't work.) And since Z-man has always gotten a stuffed animal at the end of his zoo trips if he was good, we stopped to buy him an animal. Llama first attached herself to a huge stuffed octopus that was as big as she was. I vetoed the octopus - first, it was too big and too expensive; second, we were NOT going to buy an octopus when that's what Detroit fans throw on the ice during the Stanley Cup finals. So I led her over to the stuffed penguins, of course. And she really liked this baby rockhopper penguin that she's carrying. (If I were a better photographer, she'd have her whole head in this picture, but I was chasing her at the same time.)

There's a Pens game tonight. GO PENS!

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