Friday, April 30, 2010

I realize that posting once a month is no way to keep readers interested.

And now that my hellish semester is over, I can change that and go back to a minimum of weekly postings.

Llama turned two, and she deserves an awesome post devoted only to her second birthday party, so that's coming.

Aunt Dots is graduating, and she ALSO deserves an awesome post devoted only to her graduation festivities.

Two gratuitous photos:

Llama has outgrown her car seat. See how her head is over the top and the strap slots are below her shoulders?

On April 22, which is Earth Day, I saw the Green Power Ranger on campus. My friend and I chased him down and took pictures with him. He asked for "a big thumbs up," so I complied.

I have a lot less to do this summer than I've had for the past four months, so I'll be showing up in your feed a lot more. :)

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