Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tonight is my last class.

For this semester, anyway. I start again on June 8. So for the month of May, I'm making it my own personal Blog Posting Month (since November is the National one, and I kind of screwed that up). There will be copious pictures and even more copious words.

Short update with no pictures:

My sweet, sweet Llama is teething and crabby. Tuna Roll was baptized on Sunday and I have pictures that are not yet uploaded. Llama walks, but not very steadily.

That's about all, even though that's quite a lot when it's in real life. Until tomorrow...

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Wendy said...

WOOT! I'm glad you're going to try to post more :) Love Llamas fountain o hair. Trim her bangs, silly! Just uh... try to get it straight :P