Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So I went missing for a month.

I'm sorry - it's been a little crazy. I'm working full time but just learned that if I bring my laptop to work, I have internet access, and here I am. I'm also still going to school full time and that is, as usual, awesome.

Llama walks, runs, says a lot of things that are hilarious, and does some things that are not so hilarious. For example, on Sunday, Llama and I went to church. I foolishly didn't make sure that I would have backup in the form of Aunt Dots or Grandma, and Bucket was working. So when Llama decided she was going to run, sing, and dance during Mass, there was only me to stop her. I was largely unsuccessful because all of the other parishioners were so amused by her dancing in the aisle that I could not scoop her up and run away. So that was not hilarious to ME, but to everyone else.

Bucket and I took Llama to Kennywood on Independence Day, and she rode her first ride ever. The Turtle Chase, as evidenced in this picture:

And before we left the house, giving me a little bit of attitude:

There's been a lot of whining and crying in the past month, and not all of it has been from Llama. Suffice it to say, I have already found my escape hatch and I am going to work part time at my school.
People have a way of being really crappy when they say things like, "I hate spending more time with other people's kids than with my own," to a mom who has just come back to work and is now spending more time with other people's kids. Or "Why would you work when your husband has such a good job?" Or "If you want to let strangers raise your child, that's your choice." Well, Llama's not being raised by strangers. She spends her days with Aunt Dots and Tuna Roll. And by most accounts, they all enjoy themselves.

And that's all for one day. I should be back in full effect now. :)

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