Thursday, March 12, 2009

Late again and not wordless at all...

Maybe Wordless Wednesday was a little ambitious. I'll keep trying, but I think it's more likely that what's going to happen is that I will get at least one picture each week of Llama and put it on here.

This is what happens when you walk out of the living room for one minute without properly securing EVERYTHING:

And coming soon to mailboxes across Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland:

I have to thank my friend Amy, who made the invitations. I'm crafty, but not with paper. Aren't they CUTE!?

Please note that the post for Llama's birthday will be titled, "Ain't no party like a cupcake party, 'cause a cupcake party don't stop." It's been in my head and now it's in yours.


Wendy said...

LMAO.... thanks for the earworm.

Heather said...

Not a problem... that's why I'm here. :P