Monday, March 2, 2009

Of all the things I've lost temporarily, this was the most annoying.

On Friday, I drove halfway to Erie to meet a friend in Grove City for lunch. It was a good time. I also dropped my cell phone in my car somewhere. It was on silent for some reason, so I couldn't call it from another phone to find it. Then its battery died.

I never even thought about it. Phone's not ringing? That's one less thing I have to do while making sure Llama doesn't, like, fall down the basement stairs or something. (It's a sliding door, there's no room for a regular one, and it can't be locked. So I worry.)

When I finally realized I hadn't seen it in a while, I went and checked the car. I didn't see it immediately, so I assumed I lost it somewhere. I didn't care much because it's not very nice. Llama killed my nice phone with baby spit and smacking. I didn't like the nice phone much, either, truth be told. I wasn't really stopping her from killing it. I didn't think Bucket would pull out a cell phone that Zack Morris used and set it up for me. He has the most random things stashed away in a kitchen drawer.

Anyway, back to my point. I didn't care much that I seemed to have lost it. Bucket cared. He always cares about these things. He cared when I dropped a phone in the driveway and ran it over. It was mostly okay, because we have a gravel driveway and it sunk in rather than getting smashed. He made me go look in the car again.

It was under the driver's seat. That's not the first important thing I lost under that seat, either. Bucket gave me beautiful earrings one year for Christmas, and one of them came out in the car, and I knew it was in there - but we couldn't find it. For three years. And then the warranty was up, so Bucket took the seat out and it was right where I thought it was.

Again, I digress. Back to the point at hand. My phone was dead, under the driver's seat of my car, for three days. I couldn't even turn it on until it charged.

I had ten messages. If you called me in the past few days, I just got your message today. If you didn't call me in the past few days, WHY NOT!?

I'll start returning calls tomorrow.

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Kim said...

My phone dies (and gets lost) for weeks at a time. No messages one calls me on that thing!!