Monday, March 9, 2009

Random bits of collected nonsense

Sorry about the lack of Wordless Wednesday and the failure to follow through with Thursday. Llama fell and had a bruise on her face that I wasn't willing to show the world. And right now, although I have some pictures from this weekend, we're eating breakfast (I'm multitasking, of course!) and the USB cord is all the way over there. Far away, like half a room away.

So on my Spring Break, it was actually spring-y. Llama and I took several walks, we played outside, and we planted pansies. Good times were had by all. Actually, trying to plant pansies while simultaneously trying to keep Llama from eating dirt is NOT fun, but she liked it, and she also liked the dirt. It might be her favorite food, surpassing even cheese (pronounced "eeeeez" in the common Llama vernacular). However, now that it's no longer Spring Break, it's also no longer spring-y. How odd.

Sort of relatedly, on my break, I also had two group projects to work on. One group is fabulous and normal and I really like working with them. The other group... well... I don't like them. They wanted to do everything together, rather than delegating parts of the project and getting together to finish it. And they were surprised that I "knew what I was talking about," and that I had read the book. The textbook. For the class. Also, they had issues with "their," "there," and "they're." And they called me old.

Well, they didn't directly say I was old. What they said was that maybe I just seem like I know what I'm talking about because I'm "older." I'm 27. They're 23. Screw that, I'm not old. I just did my work. I can't understand how someone could be in a master's level class, paying tuition, planning a career - and not be putting the effort in. It's not just my money now (in tuition), it's also my money later (in potential earnings). Even if I hated the subject matter (I don't, I love it), money is a huge motivator for me. HUGE. Ever been poor? I have. I didn't like it.

Anyway, I was saying... I don't like to say I'm smarter than people, because I subscribe to the theory of multiple intelligences. Meaning that, for example, Bucket is a genius with computers, cars, electricity, and most mechanical things. I'm not. But I am really good at organization, dealing with people, and communicating my thoughts effectively. Everyone is good at something. But if someone is not, for example, good at academic work, perhaps that person should not be planning a career in education and attempting to complete a master's program in education.

Frustrating. Both group projects are being presented tomorrow night. I hope like hell that I get good grades, because it's important to me.

Maybe by tomorrow I'll have the energy to get up and walk across the room for the USB cable and upload pictures, too.

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