Saturday, February 28, 2009

When Spring Break is no break...

As I promised, we're back to regularly scheduled programming. Or blogging, as the case may be. I don't really offer "scheduled programming," per se. Anyway, I'm on Spring Break as of Thursday night. Woohoo, right? Bring on the dollar well drinks and the slutty shirts and the hooker boots? Not so much. Actually, I never went on Spring Break when I was in undergrad and I'm really not about to start now that I'm old, boring, married, and trying to pass as a responsible adult.

So Llama decided to celebrate for me by waking up at about the time that the bars close, just to remind me that at one point in my life, I stayed up until 2am. Then she decided to celebrate for me again at about 4:30am. I think she was reminding me that there were nights in my life that I stayed up 'til then, too. Only that was when I was doing my undergraduate research project and getting ready to present it at a conference. I guess I'm thankful for the reminder that I used to survive on a lot less sleep and be happy about it because I chose it. I was not quite as fun at 2am as I used to be, and I wasn't half as intelligent at 4:30am as I was five years ago.

Despite this being a "break," I'm working on two different group presentations that are due immediately following the break. I'm meeting people to work on one of them today. Even though we have tickets to the Home and Garden Show (I'm posting from Bucket's laptop because ours is otherwise occupied, so I can't hyperlink you because I have to use Firefox instead of IE and I just don't get it) which is a really cool thing and I really want to go. Actually, I just checked, and I thought this was the last weekend and it turns out it's the first weekend, so we can go tomorrow or next weekend and it'll still be okay. I guess I'm not so annoyed about that after all. So on with the projects! I have to meet the other group on Monday to do the other project.

Completely unrelatedly and without a good segue, I found out yesterday that I am not the best mom ever. I'm sure that's very surprising to you, right? I took Llama to get some summer shoes. Mostly because I like shoes a lot and baby shoes are so cute. Except that I had jammed her feet into her last shoes (purchased in December), which were a full size too small and had left marks in her little feet. So it wasn't a "Mama likes shoes, let's look around" kind of day, it was a "Mama is awful, let's find some new shoes so you can wear them home" kind of day. Who knew she could outgrow shoes so quickly? I will consider this a lesson.

Llama wasn't a fan of getting her feet measured, though. She growled at the lady. Not a cute little growl, a warning growl. She's learned that from the cat, who alternately stalks her and growls at her to steal her food. I have no idea how to stop a ten-and-a-half month old from growling.

And with that, my little sweetheart is growling at me to get her breakfast. Have a good day!

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