Monday, February 23, 2009

Internet memes. You gotta love them.

This week will be a post-a-thon. Of internet memes, because they don't require me to do a lot of thinking. Today's will be the one where I Google "Heather needs..." and post the first ten results with my comments.

1. Heather needs two therapists. (And yet I don't even have one.)
2. Heather needs something more to be satisfied--preferably Pierre with that tall, dark, mouth-watering body of his... (I mean, I'll take Pierre, but Bucket will probably be upset.)
3. Heather needs to Grow Up. (But it would be so boring if I did.)
4. Heather needs a childhood. (It's a little late now, I think.)
5. Heather needs men now! (No, thanks, I'm good in the man department.)
6. Heather needs to start wearing a brassiere. (I am currently wearing one, thankyouverymuch.)
7. Heather needs some Body... Guards. (I guess so, but I'm not all that famous.)
8. Heather needs Gatorade. (Actually, I don't like it. I'd rather have water.)
9. Heather needs a family. (I have more than one family and I like it that way.)
10. Gah! Heather needs HELP!! (Always.)

Tomorrow, I think I will give you "25 Things," but maybe not the same 25 that I put on Facebook.

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