Saturday, February 7, 2009

So I'm totally slacking and I apologize.

Since I last wrote:
  • The Steelers won the Super Bowl! (Welcome to Sixburgh!)
  • At the Super Bowl party, I took an awesome series of pictures with Llama and Tuna Roll. Everything started great. Llama was smiling and Tuna Roll was calm. (Picture one on Hawaiian Punch's camera.) Then Tuna Roll got upset, so we put a pacifier in her mouth. (Picture two, my camera.) Then Llama stole Tuna Roll's pacifier. (Picture three.) Then we took the pacifier away from Llama and gave it back, so Llama was upset and Tuna Roll was calm. (Picture four.) You can't see the pictures yet because...
  • Bucket went to Nowheresville, Nevada, where cell phones don't even work and there was no hotel. He had to stay in a trailer on the job site and the water smelled like sulfur so he didn't want to shower because he was afraid he'd smell worse afterwards. He'll be home tonight. He took my camera with him, though, before I took the Super Bowl series off of it.
  • I took two tests in two different classes and aced them.
  • Llama got roseola.

Life in the Llama house has been slightly insane these past few days. Pictures will be forthcoming.

The all-important First Birthday Party is scheduled for April 11. Invitations will also be forthcoming, but not until the end of February or early March. The first week of March is my Spring Break, so count on it then.

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Tess said...

Tinley had Roseola almost a year ago. I feel your pain!