Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cowboy up, biotch.

I really wanted to say that. I've been saying it in my head all day. Actually, I've been alternating it with "Cupcake up, baby," because Llama's birthday party "theme" will be cupcakes, and I'm going to go buy this pan to make a giant cupcake-looking cake for the party. I'm pretty excited about it, actually.

I gave Llama a yellow cupcake with white frosting the other day. It was the first one she ever had. I went to grab the camera to document what was surely going to be an adorable little face covered in icing, hands full of cake crumbs, and a big happy grin. Instead I came back (in less than 15 seconds) to an empty tray, clean hands, and only a small smudge of icing on her nose. SHE ATE THE WHOLE THING. I think she might have unhinged her jaw like a snake and swallowed it in its entirety, I'm not sure.

Also, we've had a nasty little stomach bug that Bucket brought home from work for us. Llama got to experience Jello, Sprite, Pedialyte, and spending the day with Grandma while Mommy and Daddy slept and hoped to die. She is a big fan of Jello and Sprite, an even bigger fan of spending the day with Grandma, and she hates Pedialyte. But now if she sees you drink anything from a real cup, especially if she has any suspicion that it might be Sprite (meaning it came from the fridge, like most drinks do), she wants to taste it. Llama is adept at drinking from a cup if you hold it for her, and she's working on holding it for herself. I'm pretty sure the motivation is that she thinks she could get more Sprite if she drank it from a Big Girl Cup.

So, Sprite and cupcakes are clearly on my girl's list of favorite things. Just like her mama.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day. Look what Llama can do!

Also, she can drive a fire truck. It's an impressive talent for such a young girl.

I cannot believe that in two months and three days, she's going to be a year old. No sappiness! None! I'm just going to keep that to myself and save it up for her birthday.

Enjoy your romance, or whatever it is that you're doing to celebrate today. I'm getting furniture!

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