Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Eh, I give up on updating daily.

It's clearly not for me. :p

So, my baby girl is crawling. She's ambitious. She wants to ride the Roomba and eat the houseplant. (Yes, I only have one plant inside. I haven't killed it yet and it's been three - I think? - years. Mostly it's not dead because Bucket is really good about watering it.) Llama becomes very angry when she's denied access to the Roomba, but she's easily distracted by a block tower. She is very excited when someone builds her a nice big tower to knock down. I'm trying to teach her to clap and say "Yay!" because how cute would it be if that was the first thing she said? I'm mostly doing that defensively, because Bucket sees no problem with her listening to Howard Stern or to music with the swears in it, and I'm afraid that her first recognizable word might be "f*ck." Or "strippers." I'm not sure which would be worse, but I'd really prefer "Yay!"

On the ambitious front, you've probably heard this news already, but just in case you haven't... I was accepted to graduate school! I start January 12, and I'll be getting my master's in counseling and education. I'm very, very, very excited. The classes I have this semester are in the evenings, too, which is wonderful because we won't be paying for Llama-care. Bucket and I will do a handoff, and one night a week, Bucket will hand her off to his mom and I will pick her up there because he has a weekly meeting. Llama-grandmama offered, and I gratefully accepted.

Bucket and I will be ships passing in the night three days a week, and I'm assuming that there will be plenty of other days that I'm doing homework or he has something to do, or (God forbid) he'll be traveling again. He is nervous that it'll be a struggle, and of course it will. In the end, though, we'll all be happier for it.

I'm very excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Best. Holiday. Ever. Who can be upset about a day that focuses solely on food? Can't wait. Fatty's ready. I'm in charge of the wine and the appetizers. It's being hosted by my sister-in-law, who is a million weeks pregnant (I can say that because I was once a million weeks pregnant and I know the feeling) and uncomfortable. She's a rockstar. Last year, I hosted at 5 months pregnant and I wanted to die. Bucket was not working, but he was doing house renovations. I was working 60 hour weeks to make up for the lost income. I was already having blood pressure and swelling issues. And 22 people were coming to my house to eat. I delegated many tasks. And when Llama's aunt (I can't think of a cute rhyming name yet...) didn't tell me what to do for dinner, I told her what I would do. Because sometimes it needs to happen that way. I don't want her to feel like she's going to die, although that's probably going to happen no matter what.

Enjoy the time with your families - and the food! Happy Thanksgiving!

PS: Tomorrow I will do the list of things for which I am thankful. :)

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