Monday, November 10, 2008

Falling down on the job

So I posted about November being the month where bloggers commit to posting every day, and then I didn't post for a bunch of days. Oops. Sorry about that.

Anyway, since I have last written, Llama and I went to Grove City to the outlets with my friend and her twin girls. It was lots of fun, but I do not envy my friend much anymore. I was jealous because I wanted twins. Basically, twins are twice as much work... and everyone and their mom thinks they have a right to come and make odd comments, stare, or try to touch your kids. I'm insane about that already, with just one baby. Bucket thinks I'm rude because when people try to touch Llama, I tell them that her doctor says we shouldn't let people touch her. I've also told people she had a contagious disease. Bucket wasn't around for that one. He would have thought that was really rude.

And this weekend, I went to Erie all by myself. Llama and Bucket stayed home together. They had a great time. I was a wreck. I was crying by the time I got to the interstate (30 minutes into my 27-hour-long trip) and drinking almost immediately upon arrival at the bridal shower. That's right, I had an alcoholic beverage at 11am on Saturday. At a bridal shower. I am a classy, classy lady, and don't you forget it. I called home so many times that Bucket was tired of hearing my voice. I think he heard from me more in 27 hours than he did in the past 10 years. Then I drove home like a bat out of hell and thought I had gotten a speeding ticket.

I was flying down the road at about 20 mph over the speed limit, talking on my cell phone, cruise control set. That's right, when the baby's not in the car, I'm a speed demon and dangerous as hell. I flew past a state trooper who had the speed trapper thingy sticking out the window. I knew that I was sunk. He pulled out onto the road right behind me. I hung up on my brother. I dropped the cruise speed to 5mph over the speed limit. (I didn't want to be too obvious.) And then the trooper exited the highway. I was (and am) happy I didn't get a ticket, but man. That was kind of a dick move. And I bet the trooper knows it, too. No speeding ticket for me, which is great, since I just weaseled out of one at this time last year, which means that it would still show up if the trooper ran my license, and then there would be no escaping the giant fine or the points on my driving record.

Llama fared just fine with her weekend with Daddy. So did Bucket. I typed out Llama's whole schedule for Bucket, which he promptly ignored. He took her to his mother so he could get some stuff done. For some reason, dads don't have any of the guilt with dropping the baby off with someone else that moms have. (Llama's grandmother doesn't have a cute name yet. We're working on it. One suggestion was "Grandma Va-jay-jay." It was vetoed by several people.)

Llama is getting a cousin for Christmas. Any other suggestions? Things I can provide. Toys and such. Not siblings, because I couldn't gestate fast enough. Not to mention that I want eight continuous hours of sleep before I'll consent to thinking about another baby. These decisions should not be made by the sleep deprived.

And now I will end this strange, disjointed post. Y'know, I started this blog because I used to write fairly often (and fairly well, by most reports). Today is not a shining example. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

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Wendy said...

LOL I am glad you see now that twins are NOT super mega awesome 'oh fun two babies!!" I wasn't kidding! I'm also wicked happy you got your drink on with Jenn and the gals. As hard as it was to be away from Llama, it was good for you. Bucket did a good job and ya know what, J has the same 'just pass the kid off' mentality. Drives me nutso. Way to slack on the blog posting, lady friend :P